ooh the certificate ,,

few days , Just few days and we will know the result of our efforts this year ..
Really , I’ve studied hard to get good college , or maybe to prove myself and my qualificatins to my whole family and friends .. and ofcourse to ALLAH and the Prophet MUHAMMED ..!!

even if I get low or maybe ordinary result ; I will be upset .. of course I’d say thanks to ALLAH , maybe he keeps better thing than this for me ..

my words can’t explain what I’m feelin’ , a mix between fear and happiness , waiting and nervous , Cool and …. nervous ,too 😀 😀 ..

ALLAH won’t waste my effort .. and I trust him (: ..♥

قآل تعآلـي .. { وقل اعملوآ ؛ فسيري الله عملكم ورسوله والمؤمنون } .. صدق الله العظيم ؛


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